Jackson Community House and Museum

In 1943, the Montgomery City Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs purchased this residence for its 25 adult clubs and 15 youth clubs.

The federation was associated with a series of groups all promoting positive citizenship on both race and gender fronts. They formed an invaluable gathering place for black women using the Community House. It functioned as a Girl Scouts headquarters, a popular teenage meeting place, an adult social and civic center, and beginning in December 1948, the city’s first library open to African-Americans.

The building also hosted meetings of the Women’s Political Council, which helped initiate the Montgomery Bus Boycott; a “Stork’s Nest” for needy mothers; a Head Start kindergarten; voter registration; youth leadership training; tutorial and counseling programs for at-risk youth; family reunions, receptions and weddings.

Address: 409 So. Union St., Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 221-1973
Not open for public tours.

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Jackson Community House and Museum